Direct Current And Alternating Current

Direct current and Alternating current

Brief detail about Direct Current And Alternating Current:

Direct current and alternating current is the types of current flow which have different directions, voltage, source, use and frequency.

Direct Current(DC)

In Direct Current, the electric current flows in a single constant direction. The source of direct current is a conductor(wires), semiconductors( silicon- solar panel), insulators, or even vacuum. Direct Current is used to storing the electricity in the batteries and use it for backup.

Uses :

  • Charging batteries
  • Generators
  • Fuel cells
  • Telephone exchange communication
  • Automotive application for engine starting, lighting, and ignition system
  • Solar Panels

Alternating Current (AC)

In Alternating Current, the electric current periodically reverses the direction. This current is used in our homes and offices. When we switch on the electrical appliances, the AC starts to flow.

The waves in Alternating Current is sine wave form.


  • Power distribution
  • Audio and radio signals
  • Power grid

Which one is used at our Home?

The power grid supplies the alternating current at our home. So when we switch on the electrical appliances, the ac starts to flow. DC is dangerous to use at home.

Do Solar Panel produce AC or Dc?

A solar panel produces DC but electrical appliances at home need AC. So there is a need for solar inverter to convert DC into AC.

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