Solar Inverter And Its Types

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter is the most important part of the solar panel system. It not only converts the Direct Current into Alternating Current but it also takes care of your battery system by preventing it from overcharging and also helps in monitoring the performance of the solar panel system.

Types Of Solar Inverter

There are mainly three types of solar inverter. Here are the brief summary of it

1. String Inverter

If you have 16 solar panels in your system, four panels are attached to make the four rows. Each row is considered a string. Each string has its own direct current. All strings are united to make a single string. In this case, String inverter is used to convert the direct current into alternating current.

It ia also known as Centralized Inverter System.

String inverters are being used for a long time. It is easy to install. It has system-level monitoring. It is less expensive than microinverters. It is commonly used in residential and commercial applications.

The production of the solar system is reduced if any part of the solar panel is shaded with any object.

2. Power Optimizers

Power optimizers are similar to the microinverters as it is connected to each solar panel to improve their performance and overcome the effects of shadow on the solar panel. It easily monitors the performance of individual solar panels rather than the whole solar system.

Unlike microinverter,  it takes the DC electricity, regulates the output of the module, and delivers it to a string inverter for the conversion of Dc to Ac. This approach results in an increment of  system efficiency than a string inverter alone 

It is also known as “String inverter + power optimizer”

This system is less expensive than the microinverter.

3. Microinvereter

Microinverter is gaining more popularity from last 3-5 years as it converts the Direct Current into Alternating Current at the solar panel level, so it doesn’t require the string inverter

The main benefit of this system is that if any part of the solar panel is shaded with any object, It doesn’t affect the performance of the remaining solar panel.

The module manufacture integrate the microinverter in their panels and termed that panel as “AC module

It is the most expensive solar panel system.


The three solar inverters have their own roles and traits. You have to consider the solar inverter according to your situation, budget, size of the solar power plant.  

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