Solar Panels: A Complete Guide Of Solar Panels

Solar panel in garden
solar panel

Solar panels are devices that convert light energy into electrical energy. Amazing, right?

They are also called as Photovoltaic panels which means photo : light and voltaics : voltage.

What are Solar Panels made of?

Solar panels are made of silicon semiconductor which converts sunlight into electrical energy. Their efficiencies vary according to the crystalline nature.

How Solar Panels work?

Solar panel absorbs the sunlight on its surface. The sunlight contains photons that free up the atoms from its position and make it hole in its position. Similarly, the other atom free and com up to the first atom’s position. All atoms start to move and produce direct current.

This Direct Current convert into Alternating Current with the help of Solar Inverter. The Alternating Current supply into the other electrical appliance’s loads.

Types Of Solar Panels

There are mainly three types: monocrystalline , polycrystalline and thin film

As the names suggest, monocrystalline and polycrystalline l are crystalline in nature as it is made of silicon crystals. Thin film solar panel has totally different technology.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline Solar Panel is made of single continous crystal structure.

Appearance: Solar cell’s edges are cut down during the process. When a set of solar cells are placed to make a panel, it become a square hole between the four cells. It looks like this as in image. It contain same dark colour in entire panel.


  • It has high efficiency than others. It has an efficiency of 20-22%.
  • It requires the least amount of roof space. As it yields more output than others.
  • It is efficient in all weather.


Polycrystalline Solar Panel


  • The process of making polycrystalline solar panel is simple and less expensive as compare to monocrystalline solar panel.
  • It is economical.


  • It require more roof space in installation.
  • The efficiency is low as compared to monocrystalline solar panel. It is just 15-16% efficient.

Thin-Film Solar Panel

The thin-film solar panel is made of two or more thin layers of photovoltaic material.


  • This solar panel is affordable
  • It has lightweight so it is easy to carry and install
  • There is no problem of shading, obstruction in this solar panel.


  • This solar panel has low performance compared to others. It is only 7-13% efficient.
  • Due to low efficiency, the solar plant requires more panels which results in occupying more space.
  • It doesn’t last long due to its low efficiency.

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